Will.i.am Puls

Will.i.am’s Puls wearable is the ugliest thing, like, ever…

I’ll keep this short, peeps:


If that isn’t the ugliest piece of wearable technology, nay, the ugliest digital watch you have ever seen, we want to know what you’ve found. Because quite frankly, you’d have to be mad to want to wear this more than the Moto 360 or the Pebble Steel… or even the LG G Watch.

Heck, even The Verge has slammed it for being terrible.

But wait. This isn’t a smartwatch. It’s a smartcuff. That’s right folks.

Keen to seperate his wearable from the rest of the market, Will.iam has come up with a whole new niche to himself. While we admire his gusto, what an EPIC FAIL.

Image credit: Mashable.

Editor’s note: This post was in no way influenced by my hatred for Will.i.am’s music.

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