The Withings Activité is a Swiss Made smartwatch

The Withings Activité is a Swiss Made smartwatch

If like me you love high-class watches from the likes of Omega and Patek Phillipe, and you are interested in all of the latest smartwatches such as the Moto 360 and LG G Watch, then the Withings Activité will most probably be the ideal smartwatch for you.

The Withings Activité is a Swiss Made timepiece crafted from machined sapphire, calf leather, and stainless steel… It’s a beautiful watch that wouldn’t look out of place alongside all of the fancy Swiss timepieces in Geneva Airport, yet it packs in a Day & Night motion sensor and High precision MEMS 3-axis accelerometer.

What this means is that alongside keeping perfect time like a watch should and looking utterly splendid, it will track your day-to-day activity and your sleep.

The watch is available in silver or black, with the silver version the most attractive to us. The face on each has two dials – a conventional dial which does what a watch should, and another dial that gives you a visual indication of how close you are to achieving your daily goal.

The Withings Activité costs £320 in the UK or $450 in the US with free shipping.

Your daily goal, and all of the data the Withings Activité collects, is synced to your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth. This is done automatically if Bluetooth is left on, however it’s more power efficient to simply sync it when you want to view the latest data. Speaking of power efficiency, the Withings Activité  has a claimed 8-month battery life – way beyond that of a normal smartwatch.

Plus, it comes with another fully charged battery, so after 8 months you simply swap it out with the supplied tool.

All of which makes the Withings Activité the best smartwatch money can buy – a smartwatch that’s a watch, but with all of the interesting and useful features of a fitness band such as the excellent Xiaomi Mi Band.

The Withings Activité costs £320 in the UK or $450 in the US with free shipping.

Head on over to Wareable for a decent review of the Withings Activité or click up our source below for the real deal.

Source: Withings. Image credit.

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