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LG G Flex 2 reviews: The best curved smartphone?

The LG G Flex 2 is the first of the next-generation smartphones; smartphones with the super-quick Snapdragon 810 processor. It’s also LG’s second curved smartphone (but contrary to its name, it isn’t flexible). If you are looking into buying one of these smartphones, we thought we’d help you in your decision process by collecting all of the best LG G Flex 2 reviews from across the internet. One thing I was surprised about was the overwhelmingly positive reviews this smartphones has received. It’s not that I was expecting the G Flex 2 to follow the old cliché of it being LG’s difficult second album, but the reviews are really rather glowing. See for yourself:

86/100 – Engadget:

86% Complete

“With the original G Flex, LG had some great ambitions that were ultimately hampered by reality — the reality of complexity, of production, of price. Want to see a phone that was just a little too ahead of its time? Look no further than the G Flex2. It’s honestly a little surprising how much difference a year makes, and LG has used that time wisely. The second-gen edition is prettier and more comfortable, with a much-improved screen and horsepower to spare. In short, it’s a pretty great phone independent of its curvy frame.”

4/5 – Techradar:

90% Complete

“The G Flex 2 has some muscle to it. Under the right conditions, it has the fastest processor of any smartphone and ports over LG G3’s camera with an excellent snap-and-review selfie feature. Android 5.0 Lollipop is here in limited form, but that includes the decidedly clutch lock screen notifications. This phone has the brains, so it’s okay to pay attention to its slick-looking curvy features. Matching LG’s 4K TV shape and coming in at a much more reasonable 5.5-inches, the flexible display is as comfortable as it is durable.”

4/5 – Stuff:

90% Complete

“The first LG G Flex was a phone for people who wanted to show off, to have something conspicuously future-looking. However, it was also massive and had a screen that was in some respects a little bit rubbish. The second LG G Flex 2 has none of these major issues. It’s a phone we wouldn’t steer anyone away from. There are better screens out there, and better cameras too, but this glimpse of the 64-bit future is a tantalising one – the Snapdragon 810 is seriously powerful.”

They like it – Slashgear:

90% Complete

“With the final firmware still pending, the jury is still out on how solid an all-round package the G Flex 2 might be. Already, though, I’ve seen enough to convince me that curved phones aren’t a gimmick any longer. If the price is right when US carriers weigh in over the coming weeks, and you can resist the charms of whatever Samsung and HTC have in store with the Galaxy S6 and One M9, that leaves the G Flex 2 a distinctive device well worth keeping on the shortlist.”

4/5 – CNET:

86% Complete

“The LG G Flex 2 has what it takes to compete in this year’s smartphone arms race. Other than the Korean-exclusive Galaxy Note 4, the device is the only other handset to feature the lightning fast quad-core Snapdragon 810 processor; it has the latest Android 5.0 software; and it sports a durable, flexible design. And while you won’t truly miss anything by having a phone with a flat touchscreen, the G Flex 2’s curved display, coupled with a 1080p resolution, can draw you in with a more enveloping viewing experience.”

And here’s some LG G Flex 2 specifications

SoC: MSM8994 2.0/1.5 GHz 4x A57/ 4x A53 Snapdragon 810
RAM/NAND: 2/3 GB LPDDR4, 16/32GB NAND + microSD
Display: 5.5” 1080p LG P-OLED
Network: 2G / 3G / 4G LTE (Qualcomm UE Category 9 LTE)
Dimensions: 149.1 x 75.3 x 7.1-9.4mm, 152 grams
Camera: 13MP rear camera, 1.12 µm pixels, 1/3.06″ CMOS size, F/2.4. 2.1MP F/2.0 FFC
Battery: 3000 mAh (11.4 Whr)
OS: Android 5.0 with LG UI
Connectivity: 802.11a/b/g/n/ac + BT 4.1, USB2.0, GPS/GNSS, Slimport, NFC
SIM: Size MicroSIM

Overall it looks like the LG G Flex 2 is a great smartphone, and also quite easily the best curved smartphone on the market. But is it really good enough to compete with the likes of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy flagship or the HTC One M8 replacement, the HTC One M9?

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