Crossy Road review

Crossy Road review

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“Stop getting angry”…

“Stop punching your phone”…

“It’s just a game!”…

My girlfriend doesn’t get it.

I have invested an hour and a half into Crossy Road, and I’m no closer than I was to begin with at being able to cross the road. It should be simple – child’s play. But it isn’t. I keep getting squashed by cars, smashed by trains, engulfed by water or swooped up by a hawk… being a chicken has never been so hard, and I’m going through them at a rate faster than KFC does.

Crossy Road is a new-ish game from developers Yodo1 Games. It’s a gorgeous game full of charm and style, which has you take control of a chicken that moves like a King in chess – one space at a time, only you can’t go backwards. You move the chicken forwards by tapping your display and sideways by swiping in either direction.

Being a chicken has never been so hard.

The controls are simple, but don’t let that fool you into thinking that this is an easy game to master, or at the very least become competent at. I spent an hour and a half on Crossy Road before giving up, returning, giving up, returning and then giving up again, something that’s both frustrating but also the sign of a very addictive game indeed.

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It’s not unlike Frogger as a matter of fact, an arcade game introduced in 1981 and developed by Konami. So Crossy Road is not a unique concept, but the gameplay is executed to perfection and the graphics are of course much better than that 1980s arcade classic.

Importantly, Crossy Road nails that whole “that was hard, but I can do better, so let’s have another go” time and time again. You never want to give up and when you do, it plays on your mind.

Because it’s free to download, Crossy Road earns revenue with in-app purchases. Thankfully, these are not obtrusive, and most importantly of all they are not critical to game success – in-app purchases are limited to purely artificial things, like characters which cost 69p. Other developers could definitely take a note from Yodo1 Game’s book with regard to this, and the fact that you get free gifts – including characters – means you never have to buy a thing if you don’t want too. It’s a painless experience.

Crossy Road nails that whole “that was hard, but I can do better, so let’s have another go” time and time again.

It’s available on iOS and Android at the moment and works perfectly on the Google Nexus 7 and HTC One M8, my devices. I haven’t tested it on iOS but I’m sure it’s exactly the same.

So do we recommend you download Crossy Road?


It’s free, it’s fun and it doesn’t hog your battery life. Whether you need to kill 10 minutes when waiting for the train or want a game that’ll frustrate you and will you on for an hour, Crossy Road is one of the games we recommend. Just don’t let it cause arguments with your spouse*.

*unless you want something throwing at you.

Yeah, she’s psycho.

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