Blinkbox is no longer a Tesco product

For a few months now Tesco has been trying to rid itself of Blinkbox, a video-on-demand service that they bought an 80% stake in just three years ago. Since then, Blinkbox has struggled to compete with other video-on-demand services and different models like Netflix and Now TV.

Earlier this month, Tesco managed to offload Blinkbox Movies to TalkTalk, but that left their other Blinkbox products – Music and Books – in limbo.

The fate of Blinkbox Music and Books has not been known, until now.


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HTC One Mini 3

HTC needs to nail the HTC One Mini 3…

…or risk losing customers to Sony in 2015.

All people ever seem to talk about these days is the top-tier smartphones; the iPhone 6 Plus, Samsung Galaxy S6, LG G3, HTC One M8…

…there’s just no love for smaller, mid-range handsets. Which is a shame, because smartphones with a display size of between 4 and 4.7-inches are the sweet spot for most people; comfortable to hold with one hand, yet large enough to get stuff done.

Which brings me onto HTC.

The original HTC One and the follow-up One M8 were spectacular top-tier smartphones, but their smaller brethren – the One Mini and One Mini 2 – weren’t  anywhere near as good. They were slower, thicker and not as well put together – in every way, they were obsolete.


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HTC One M9

HTC M9 to be launched in March

We have some good news HTC One M7 and M8 owners – HTC will reportedly launch its flagship One M9 smartphone in March alongside a new wearable device which we already know “isn’t a smartwatch” (according to HTC).

The HTC M9 as it’s codenamed will reportedly feature a 20-megapixel rear camera and an UltraPixel front-facing camera, as well as 4GB of RAM and a Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor. It will also reportedly feature Dolby 5.1 audio technology and a slightly larger display than the M8, if you believe the rumours.


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iPad Pro / Air Plus to get stylus?

Microsoft’s Surface and Samsung’s Galaxy Note have proven that there are still benefits to a stylus for your average mobile device user. But could Apple be preparing to take the unprecedented step of launching the rumoured iPad Pro / Air Plus / whatever it might be called with a stylus of its very own?

Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities believes so. Ming-Chi Kuo is widely regarded as one of the most accurate Apple analysts in the world – having already predicted the Apple Watch and other products – and his reasoning behind believing Apple will launch a stylus this year is pretty sound.


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Razer OSVR CES 2015

The stars of CES 2015

With hundreds of start-ups providing a glimpse into the world of next-generation technology such as “The Internet of Things” and virtual reality, CES 2015 was the best show that this technology event has put on in a long time – eclipsing even 2014’s stellar event.

But it was Korean tech giant Samsung that stole CES 2015 with a neat washing machine with ActiveWash, a range of Ultra-HD TVs that run on Samsung’s home-grown Tizen operating system and a virtual-reality headset called Gear VR. If you love your technology and relish the opportunity to peer into very the near-future, below we have listed the show’s star products.



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Samsung SM951 SSD

Your laptop will sleep for months with the Samsung SM951 SSD

A power saving state, sleep mode on a laptop is one of the best power options for people who need to quickly resume full-power operation, or in other words, get back to work fast. Typically, a laptop can stay in sleep mode for days – or at the most weeks – but Samsung has bigger ambitions than that with their latest laptop SSD.

Samsung’s new laptop SSD is a PCIe 3.0 SSD drive available in 128GB, 256GB and 512GB capacities initially. It is the first laptop SSD in the world to have the new L 1.2 low-power standby mode that slashes the power consumption in sleep mode by a whopping 97% over a normal, older SSD.

All of which means that your laptop will be able to sleep for months.


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first ever mobile phone call in Britain

30 years ago today, the first mobile phone call in the UK was made

It’s the year 1985, the year that the British Coal Miners strike ends, the year that Boris Becker becomes youngest winner at 17 to win the men’s Wimbledon championships, the year that a volcanic eruption in Columbia kills 25,000 people, the year that the Eastern half of North America is hit with one of the harshest winters in recorded history, and the year that the first mobile phone call is made in the UK by Michael Harrison, the son of former Vodafone chairman Sir Ernest Harrison.

That first British mobile phone call was performed on the Transportable Vodafone VT1, a brick of a device that weighed in at 5kg and came complete with a carry handle, antenna and tethered receiver. Below is a picture of the old-school Transportable Vodafone VT1.


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PlayStation Plus

Sony says sorry

If you were the owner of a multi-national business that had its key online service brought down by a DDoS attack over the Christmas period, what would you do to compensate your customers that were left unable to access their online world for not just a few hours, but days?

It would seem that a five-day extension on PlayStation Plus subscriptions and a 10% discount token on any PlayStation Plus purchase is just compensation for Sony, which is what affected users are going to get – like it or not.

The extension will be automatically applied says Sony and if your PSN membership or trial ends before the extension is available, users will receive a five-day PlayStation Plus subscription boost.


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