Samsung SM951 SSD

Your laptop will sleep for months with the Samsung SM951 SSD

A power saving state, sleep mode on a laptop is one of the best power options for people who need to quickly resume full-power operation, or in other words, get back to work fast. Typically, a laptop can stay in sleep mode for days – or at the most weeks – but Samsung has bigger ambitions than that with their latest laptop SSD.

Samsung’s new laptop SSD is a PCIe 3.0 SSD drive available in 128GB, 256GB and 512GB capacities initially. It is the first laptop SSD in the world to have the new L 1.2 low-power standby mode that slashes the power consumption in sleep mode by a whopping 97% over a normal, older SSD.

All of which means that your laptop will be able to sleep for months.

“It’s called the Samsung SM951″

It’s called the Samsung SM951 and it’s highly likely that this SSD will find its way into the next-generation Apple Macbook Pro and Macbook Air, as well as a wide variety of Ultrabooks. Although not confirmed, it looks as though Lenovo will be a customer of this new SSD, given that the stock picture for the new SSD has a big Lenovo logo on it.

Hibernation is another mode that will benefit from the SM951. Hibernation differs to sleep mode in that sleep mode puts your settings and files in memory, while hibernation puts them on your hard disk or flash disk. Hibernation uses less power than sleep mode, and so should also benefit dramatically from the Samsung SM951 SSD.

Regular battery life should improve too. Of course, this is only the first laptop SSD to feature┬áthe new L 1.2 low-power standby mode – more are on the way.

Sadly, it’s not known whether smaller system producers will be able to get their hands on this latest SSD.

Via: Tech Report.

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