Razer OSVR CES 2015

The stars of CES 2015

With hundreds of start-ups providing a glimpse into the world of next-generation technology such as “The Internet of Things” and virtual reality, CES 2015 was the best show that this technology event has put on in a long time – eclipsing even 2014’s stellar event.

But it was Korean tech giant Samsung that stole CES 2015 with a neat washing machine with ActiveWash, a range of Ultra-HD TVs that run on Samsung’s home-grown Tizen operating system and a virtual-reality headset called Gear VR. If you love your technology and relish the opportunity to peer into very the near-future, below we have listed the show’s star products.


Samsung SUHD TV JD9500

Samsung UHD TV CES 2015

The elegantly named Samsung SUHD TV JD9500 was the finest television at CES 2015. Sizes will range from 48-inches to 88-inches at launch and the screen delivers stunning contrast, brightness and clarity. This TV also runs on Tizen – Samsung’s operating system – which has been re-engineered to offer an intuitive and eye-popping experience. With access to PlayStation Now games and Samsung’s Milk Music services, the JD9500 is the TV to buy in 2015.

You’d better get saving.


Blocks smartwatch CES 2015

If you thought that Google’s Project Ara modular smartphone was cool, take a look at what a company called Blocks Wearables is doing. They are building their own modular wearables device called blocks. It’s a modular smartwatch that lets you easily extend on the Block’s basic capabilities with smaller, add-on modules that get linked to that main watch face Block. It’s a very interesting concept and adds some much needed customisation to the smartwatch market.

LG G Flex 2

LG G Flex 2 CES 2015

Curved smartphones might be a little bit pointless, but we can’t knock LG for trying something new. The G Flex 2 builds on last year’s G Flex with a smaller display – 5.5-inches vs. 6-inches – which is also more pixel-dense, thanks to being 1080p instead of 720p. Elsewhere, this smartphone has a faster Snapdragon processor than its predecessor, better battery life, and Android 5.0 Lollipop. This smartphone still has buttons on the rear, but it’s a solid update to the G Flex overall.

Razer OSVR

Razer OSVR CES 2015

One takeway from CES 2015 is that virtual reality is the next big industry – at least going by all of big brands getting involved. Razer’s idea is the most interesting VR concept of the bunch – OSVR is an attempt to get other VR vendors to invest in their platform through the standardising of the hardware and software components of virtual reality. It’s an intriguing concept and Razer might be on to something here. Well done guys!

Hocoma Valedo

Hocoma Valedo

It’s not a smartphone or a TV, but it’ll keep your back healthy. Swiss-based medical technology company Hocoma revealed the Valedo kit at CES 2015 that uses a pair of sensors that attach to your skin at the small of your back and on your upper chest. The kit then monitors your motion thanks to a gyrometer and a magnetometer and offers a detailed 3D view of movement. The benefit? It will help you to improve your posture over time. Nice!

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