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Sony says sorry

If you were the owner of a multi-national business that had its key online service brought down by a DDoS attack over the Christmas period, what would you do to compensate your customers that were left unable to access their online world for not just a few hours, but days?

It would seem that a five-day extension on PlayStation Plus subscriptions and a 10% discount token on any PlayStation Plus purchase is just compensation for Sony, which is what affected users are going to get – like it or not.

The extension will be automatically applied says Sony and if your PSN membership or trial ends before the extension is available, users will receive a five-day PlayStation Plus subscription boost.

Here’s what all of this means from the horse’s mouth:

Hi everyone, Happy New Year! Since access to PlayStation Network was impacted during the holidays, we wanted to show our appreciation for your patience by offering all PlayStation Plus members that had an active membership or free trial on December 25th a membership extension of five days. The extension will be automatically applied, so no action is necessary to receive the extension. We will post additional information here on the blog when the extension becomes available. If your membership or trial ends before the extension is available, you will receive five days of Plus to enjoy once the extension becomes available (we will notify you when).

In addition, sometime this month we will announce that for a limited time, we will be offering a 10 percent discount code good for a one-time discount off a total cart purchase in the PlayStation Store as a thank you to ALL PSN members.

The discount can be used towards great content available on PS Store including blockbuster new releases, award winning indie games, game add-ons and season passes, and an enormous selection of TV and Movies.

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