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Google updates Google for iOS users, and boy is it pretty

Today Google updated its core search app for iOS, which is aptly named Google.

Ordinarily this wouldn’t be such as big deal… after all, most updates to these kinds of apps are simply bug fixes and UI tweaks. But this update is a lot bigger, as it has completely changed the way the app looks and has brought it in-line with Android 5.0’s design.

“Material design uses bold colors, clean lines and animations to create a unique UI.”

Google has given Google (sigh) a much-needed makeover, which is actually a complete rebuild. It has so called ‘material design’, which uses bold colours, clean lines and animations to create a unique UI. Neat features include: tapping on the display immediately brings up the search box and the “recents” tab is a multi-tasking delight with cards that have been pulled straight from Android Lollipop. Google Maps has also been more tightly integrated and you can now swipe around and tap destinations which will take you to the proper Google Maps app.

Another new neat feature for iOS users is the persistant Google button at the bottom of the app which lets you bring up the search box simply by tapping it.

Also, you’ll be pleased to know that all of the existing features of the app are still there, so it won’t take much getting used too.

Source: Google (iTunes).

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