Blinkbox is no longer a Tesco product

For a few months now Tesco has been trying to rid itself of Blinkbox, a video-on-demand service that they bought an 80% stake in just three years ago. Since then, Blinkbox has struggled to compete with other video-on-demand services and different models like Netflix and Now TV.

Earlier this month, Tesco managed to offload Blinkbox Movies to TalkTalk, but that left their other Blinkbox products – Music and Books – in limbo.

The fate of Blinkbox Music and Books has not been known, until now.

In an announcement, Tesco has confirmed the sale of Blinkbox Music to Guvera, a music streaming company that’s been going since 2008. It’s not sure what will become of Blinkbox Music now, but it’s thought that the system will form a new service for Guvera users in the near future.

And Books? That’ll be closed down for good, according to The Book Seller.

A spokesperson for Tesco said:

“We have taken the decision to close our e-book service Blinkbox Books. We’ve learnt a lot since launching the service and whilst we saw encouraging levels of take up, we believe that we can do more for our customers by focusing on our core business. The service will close by the end of February.”

“Our focus now is on the colleagues affected and our customers.”

We can’t say that it’s particularly sad that Blinkbox appears to be biting the dust – it hasn’t been a very good service compared to Netflix and Now TV, and this Music acquisition only confirms what we thought was coming anyway – Tesco offloading unnecessary weight to improve profits.

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