Mario Kart 8 on the Nintendo Wii U

The Nintendo Wii U is the best gaming console

It isn’t the best-selling.

It isn’t the most powerful.

It doesn’t even play Blu-Ray.

And yet, it’s the best gaming console.

Since it was launched in 2012, Nintendo’s Wii U has been called a lot of things… Most of which is far from positive. But the plucky little console is enjoying somewhat of a resurgence at the moment, with reports that Nintendo Wii U sales are now at an all time high.

Could it be that the Wii U is simply a late bloomer?

Why is this console suddenly performing so well?

The reason the Wii U is selling so well now, and the reason why I believe this is the best gaming console, is because Nintendo has finally started to sort out its first-party software – the games.

The only thing all Nintendo consoles have had going for them since the GameCube are games; glorious, retro and addictive games. The Wii U is the only console where you can experience Mario Kart 8, Super Mario 3D World, Super Smash Bros, the exclusive Bayonetta 2, and more exclusive titles are on the way including Mario Party 10 and Mario vs Donkey Kong.

These games are the backbone of the Wii U, and they’re way, way more fun than any exclusive titles that Sony and Microsoft have mustered.

And when you factor in the likes of Nintendo Wii U Sports Club and the surprisingly good ZombiU, you get a sense of just how much fun is possible with a Wii U. It’s fun for all the family.

The one thing that defined the Wii U when it was announced back in 2011 was its touchscreen-bearing controller, the GamePad. Now, although the GamePad is a unique feature, it’s the games that are the biggest draw. They make the Wii U the best gaming console on the planet. And now that the console is around two years old, none of the annoying bugs that plagued early adopters are apparent. If you buy a Wii U this month, you will have a gaming console which just works.

In my opinion, the Wii U is the best console you can buy for family gaming – and I own a PlayStation 4, too. If you haven’t got one, put it on your Christmas list.

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