iPad Air 3 features and release date

iPad Air 3 release date and predicted features

Next year the iPad Air 3 will be launched and with it Apple will be hoping to get lots of people new to tablets spending their hard-earned cash and existing iPad customers to trade up. But with regard to the latter, it’s going to be extra-hard for Apple to achieve this because the iPad Air 2 is just so damn good. There’s literally nothing that I’d change about it and I haven’t heard a bad word from any owners that I know – aside from first adopter issues that were solved ages ago.

So the iPad Air 3 needs to be special. No pressure then, Apple.

Let’s take a look at the potential release date for the iPad Air 3 and what features this much-awaited tablet might have based on the rumours that are circulating the web.

iPad Air 3 Release Date

The iPad Air 3 will be released in October 2015, to coincide with the iPad Air 2’s release date, which was October 2014. We know this because Apple is well-known for sticking to a tight calendar, so it would be very surprising if they changed it next year.

October 2015

iPad Air 3 Features

The new iPad Air will most likely be an incremental update to the Air 2.

Here’s a run-down of possible iPad Air 3 features. We have included a probability bar with each potential feature which will give you an indication of how likely it is.

Faster processor and GPU

It’s a guarantee that the iPad Air 3 will feature a faster processor and GPU. Whether a large update to the Air 2 or an incremental one, Apple will boost the speed of the iPad Air 3, probably making it two or three times as fast. The processor will be the A9X, because the next-gen iPhone 7 will have the A9 processor. The A9X will be an overclocked version of the A9.


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A higher resolution display

Another feature that’s on many people’s wish list, although not guaranteed, is a more pixel-dense display. A new display with close to 401ppi sounds about right, as this would be approaching the pixel density of the iPhone 6 Plus’s display. The new display could also be brighter and it will most probably have improved viewing angles thanks to a new glass coating.


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Waterproofing is the most wanted feature of the iPhone 7. Water damage is less of an issue with tablets, as people are less inclined to take them out of the house and they’re too big to drop in the toilet. But Apple could give the Air 3 a unique selling point by making their latest tablet waterproof. It would be pretty pointless, but a very cool feature none-the-less.


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Subwoofer and other audio/speaker improvements

Apple products are not known for their killer speaker quality, but it is about time they took this area seriously. A simple improvement would be to move the two iPad Air speakers closer together to create a mono output, rather than the stereo output the current Air produces. This would make a crisper sound for movies and music. It’s that, or a separate speaker.


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Wireless charging

While many smartphone and tablet manufacturers have started to include wireless charging technologies into products, Apple has not. We’re not sure why, because wireless charging is a genuinely convenient way to charge a device. The iPad Air 3 is not expected to have wireless charging, and we’d be incredibly surprised if it it. The iPhone 7 might though.

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A better camera

This feature is guaranteed, although Apple will probably achieve this in a different way than you might think. It’s likely Apple will keep the core camera that’s in the iPad Air 2, but include the True Tone LED flash from the iPhone 5S and improve the lens. The camera will likely remain at 8-megapixels, any more than that is overkill in a tablet.


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Live multitasking

This feature is something the iPad Air would benefit from, but it’s highly unlikely to make it. The fact that you cannot use multiple applications at the same time on the iPad is an issue many people have, but it’s not something Apple is said to be considering fixing in the next-generation iPad Air. There are also no solid reports pointing to it being a feature, unfortunately.


5% Complete

iPhone 5C inspired colour choices

It’s highly unlikely that the iPad Air 3 will be available in iPhone 5C colours. The Air 2 is available in silver, space grey and gold, and we don’t expect a change from this. The colours may however be slightly darker or lighter in tone, but having said that, this isn’t a significant update. Overall, this is an unlikely feature compared to others.


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Bigger battery

Last but not least, the iPad Air 3 will have a bigger battery than the Air 2. The battery in the iPad Air 2 is a rather large 7,340 mAh, but to power a more pixel dense display while maintaining solid battery life, Apple will boost the size – probably to around 7,840 mAh. That isn’t a massive increase in battery size, but the A9X will be very power-efficient to compensate.


85% Complete

That concludes our list of iPad air 3 features. We could have included a memory card slot and Bluetooth mouse support, but we all know these are never going to happen.

What do you think the iPad Air 3 will have feature wise? Share your comments with us below.

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  • Bonbon

    First up, nice article.

    I don’t get hyped about Apple products anymore, especially the iPad. The Air was an impressive update to the iPad 2 but there’s not really much else they can do with that’ll blow me away.

    • http://www.techlech.com/ techlech

      Yeah, I know what you mean. Maybe they’ll surprise us next year though.

  • Reteeye

    No thanks. I’ll get me an Xperia Tablet Compact. Until the iPad can offer the same as this that’s my top choice.

    • http://www.techlech.com/ techlech

      The Xperia is an excellent tablet, it has a lot going for it.