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Google Pixel Rear Glass Shattered? Here’s Your Options

I recently shattered the glass back panel on my Google Pixel whilst at the gym. The rear glass shattered close to the fingerprint sensor, with a cob-web shatter that spread across the rear glass. I was absolutely distraught, but thankfully, I got my Google Pixel repaired within just a few days – although finding a solution to my problem wasn’t an easy process.

So, to help fellow Google Pixel owners out who have shattered the rear glass on their phone, here’s what I learned whilst looking for a repair:

1. The rear glass can be replaced on its own, BUT:
2. A proper repair involves replacing the rear glass and frame because they are actually one part.

The Google Pixel’s Glass Back

Repairing the shattered rear glass on a Google Pixel is possible – but, for a proper repair, you’ll have to replace the entire aluminium case, because the aluminium case and rear glass are one part.

The Google Pixel’s rear glass is glued down onto the aluminium frame – it’s actually a part of the phone’s frame, although it can be removed by itself using heat to dislodge the adhesive. It’s attached to the aluminium frame through a bonding process at the factory. This means that you can replace the Pixel’s rear glass section by itself – however, for a true repair, you should replace the rear glass and aluminium case, for which you’ll have to disassemble the phone, remove the metal frame, and install a new metal frame to make the repair.

The replacement part is the Pixel’s aluminium case, which extends from the back and around the sides of the phone. The replacement part comes with new buttons and new rear glass from the factory. So, if you choose to make the repair, your phone will look brand new afterwards.

My research also discovered this photo gallery on Google Photos. It shows somebody replacing the rear glass on their Google Pixel with a new glass panel. That’s where I got the top image for this post (thank you, whoever you are).

Google Pixel / Pixel XL Rear Glass Repair Process

The repair process starts with removing the front screen. Unfortunately, there is a risk that the AMOLED panel will break during removal because it’s bonded tightly to the frame. To minimise the risk of breakage, suction should be used to seperate the screen from the frame.

With the screen removed, you’ll have to disconnect all the phone’s sensors and unclip the internals from the aluminium case. Due to the complexity involved in this process, and because it’s simply beyond my expertise, I chose a company to do all this work for me (although, I did check out the ifxit tear-down, which was very informative and might help you).

This is not a sponsored article – and I am not receiving any form of compensation for writing it – but for those of you who are in the United Kingdom, I used this service from and I couldn’t be any happier. I sent my Google Pixel off to them on a Thursday, and received it back on the same Saturday. A one-day turnaround, exclusive of delivery, is mightily impressive. And the best part is, my phone looks brand new again. Wonderful stuff.

So, for those of you who have smashed or shattered the rear glass on your Google Pixel, rest assured that it is possible to repair it. But, doing so properly (as in, replacing the case) will cost you a chunk of cash, since Google decided to make the rear glass non-replaceable, at least not without serious effort and at the risk of damaging the device even further.

Thank you for reading, and I hope this post helps you. Peace out fellow Pixel users. 

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