HTC One M9

HTC One M9 (Hima) specs leaked

The HTC One M7 was one of the best smartphones of 2013. Its successor, the HTC One M8, was the best smartphone of 2014 (in our opinion). And so, the HTC One M9 due for release in 2015 has a lot to live up to – and an early specifications leak points to some significant improvements.

Upleaks has secured information from a reputable source on the M9, including specifications.

Let’s take a look at what’s in store for the M9 according to this latest leak


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Netflix offline streaaming

Netflix crushes our offline streaming dreams

Offline streaming of films and television shows is the holy grail feature of on-demand content providers. The first provider to offer such a service worldwide will have a huge advantage over the competition, and a feature which other content providers would no doubt rush to implement.

However Netflix, one of the titans in the on-demand market and the seemingly most likely of providers to offer offline streaming, has crushed our dreams and will not be offering this service – period. Its company director, Cliff Edwards, has come out and said that Netflix has no plans to offer offline streaming, because they believe that it’s a “short-term fix for a bigger problem”, that problem being WiFi quality and access and mobile connectivity.


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BT and EE buyout

BT buying EE would be a disaster for consumers

BT is looking to snap up a mobile operator in the next few years, and rumours suggest it’s either going to be EE or O2. Right now, the rumours are favouring the former, after BT announced that it is entering exclusive negotiation talks with EE ahead of a buyout for £12.5 billion.

Whether you’re an EE customer or not right now, there’s a reason to be concerned about this buyout. For starters, BT has a record for winning worst customer service awards.

In 2008, BT won the coveted Wooden Spoon Awards coming first for worst customer service from This is Money. In 2009, BT was ranked the worst technology company for customer service by OnePoll. In 2013, BT was voted the worst value home phone provider by Which?, and in early 2014, BT won the Wooden Spoon Awards AGAIN for worst customer service from This is Money.


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Amazon UK Glitch

Amazon UK glitch sells thousands of products for just 1p

…and just in time for Christmas, too!

It’s every e-commerce stores worst nightmare; a computer glitch which marks down the price of products significantly and isn’t picked up on for hours.

Amazon UK has just lived through this nightmare. Between 7pm and 8pm on Friday 12th December, the Amazon UK website experienced a glitch and reduced the price of thousands of products to just one penny. Christmas came early for thousands of shoppers, who jumped at their chance to bag some expensive hardware for a fraction of the Real Retail Price.


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HTC Fitness Band

HTC’s wearable device won’t be a smartwatch after all

So what on earth could it be?

After months and months of rumours and numerous smartwatches, fitness bands and virtual reality headsets being launched by other manufacturers while Taiwanese manufacturer HTC has lost out, HTC has finally give us a clue about what their wearable device is going to be.

Ready for it?…

…it won’t be a smartwatch.

Gee, thanks HTC. That really narrows it down.


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Google iOS

Google updates Google for iOS users, and boy is it pretty

Today Google updated its core search app for iOS, which is aptly named Google.

Ordinarily this wouldn’t be such as big deal… after all, most updates to these kinds of apps are simply bug fixes and UI tweaks. But this update is a lot bigger, as it has completely changed the way the app looks and has brought it in-line with Android 5.0’s design.

“Material design uses bold colors, clean lines and animations to create a unique UI.”


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Orange Wednesday

EE to scrap Orange Wednesday. It’s a sad day for students…

…and movie lovers, of course.

Orange Wednesday, a 2-for-1 cinema perk for Orange customers, has been running for over 10 years, but all great things must come to an end. In February 2015, EE is going to pull the plug on Orange Wednesday and with it the only thing thousands of people – mainly students, let’s be honest – across the UK have to look forward to on a Wednesday night.

In discussion with Business Insider, an EE spokesperson said:


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