Wireless mechanical keyboard

Wireless mechanical keyboards are rare, aren’t they?

I’ve been typing on a¬†Microsoft Wireless Comfort Keyboard 5000 for over two years, and I’ve not got a bad word to say. It lasts well over two months on AA batteries (with at least four hours of daily use) and the accuracy is top notch. I rarely mistype a word.

But I like to change things up and while the 5000 would no doubt continue to serve me well into the future, I want a mechanical keyboard. I had the pleasure of using a Das Keyboard 4 Professional for a couple of hours this week and I was blown away by how good it felt to work on a mechanical keyboard – when I was growing up, my family home had two computers both with mechanical keyboards, and I forgot just how nice it feels to have a robust click under your fingers.

It helped that the Das Keyboard 4 Professional is full size like the 5000 with similar spacing and key sizes, so I was able to jump straight onto it and type away.


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why are tomtom updates slow

Why are TomTom updates so slow?

And not just slow… they’re horribly slow.

I went to view a house recently, and like many people, my sense of direction is awful. A lot of the time I put my trust into my TomTom to guide me to unfamiliar places and after two years of ownership of the TomTom XXL Classic, it’s never put a foot wrong.

Keen to ensure that my TomTom had up-to-date software to guide me to my house viewing, I plugged it into my Windows 8 machine and downloaded TomTom HOME, TomTom’s desktop software to update the maps. I did this two hours before my house viewing stupidly thinking – expecting – any updates to be downloaded and installed well before it was time to set off.

But how wrong I was.


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