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The most wanted iPhone 7 feature: waterproofing

I wonder how many people take their iPhone into an Apple store to have it replaced because of water damage.

Apple’s customer service is top notch, and they are fairly relaxed when it comes to replacing a water-damaged iPhone, but the fact remains that many people do not live anywhere near an Apple store, which makes it inconvenient to pop into one for many people.

Water-damaged iPhone’s and user inconvenience could all be avoided with a simple feature: waterproofing. The Sony Xperia Z3 and Z3 Compact are waterproof. Heck, even 2013 handsets like the Xperia Z and Galaxy S3 Active were waterproof.

“Waterproofing would create a much more flexible iPhone experience.”

Is it really too much to ask for Apple, a premium smartphone manufacturer, to provide this feature in the iPhone 7? It would save them an awful lot of money in the long-term and an awful lot of customer service time, not to mention an awful lot of inconvenience for the user.

Think about it: you wouldn’t have to worry about using your iPhone in the bath, in the rain, or on the beach – you would be free to do what you like with it. Waterproofing would create a much more flexible smartphone experience.

Can you put a price on that?

Waterproofing is also hands-down the most lucrative feature that Apple could implement in the iPhone 7. Endless marketing opportunities would be available and it’s a feature which would back up the company’s current strategy to market the iPhone as a quick, go-anywhere camera.

Apple would be a fool not to implement this feature next year, in my opinion. I’d take waterproofing over a faster processor any day.


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